The story of the plastic coffee cup

 The story of the plastic coffee cup


The tall buildings, crowded streets, people like a bee in the reinforced concrete construction of the lattice between the busy shuttle. Tight city life makes a lot of people feel tired, everyone is burdened with great pressure, and difficult to pour. Put the heavy work in the evening, out of the appearance of a huge and small inside the office space, wandering in the car to the car, the sound of the noisy streets, eyes walking between the neon flashing, looking for a temporary out of the city can not relax, Body and mind. But can not find the results can not find, and finally can only drag the tired body to return to their home to start with fatigue, but also tired of the end. This is a true portrayal of many urban people, especially those who are full of passion and great personality advocate publicity young people. Their sadness and melancholy, it seems to provide a good business development space, some companies do see and catch this opportunity to build an immortal kingdom. For the tired city people, I think they can go to Starbucks, where they want.

plastic coffee cup reusable custom logo with PP lidsplastic coffee cup reusable custom logo with PP lids

 About Starbucks story

In 1971, Starbucks was born in Seattle, the United States, the main sale of high-grade coffee beans, in addition to coffee beans, Starbucks also wholesale tea and spices. The company’s trademark is an old-fashioned Norwegian print, the center of the picture is a mermaid, the company’s initial name is “Starbucks Coffee”, spices, tea around the surrounding. At the time of the United States, people still used to go to the supermarket, where they need instant coffee. But Starbucks changed their minds, starting from the start, Starbucks is located in the high-end areas of coffee – selling high-quality special coffee. From the scent, taste, or the production process point of view, the special coffee is significantly better than people familiar with the coffee. This has laid a solid foundation for the future development of Starbucks.

12/16oz coffee cup 12/16oz coffee cup