How To Clean Your Daily Use Water bottle

How To Clean Your Daily Use Water bottle

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Water is the source of life. A common recommendation is to drink six or eight 8-ounce bottles of water or other fluid every day. Then do you get a healthy and reusable water bottle to replenish water? A social research shows that reusable water bottles would decrease the environment pollution and save you money on disposable containers. But what happens when they get dirty? How do you clean them?


Whether you have a metal bottle or a plastic bottle, there’s a method to get it quickly clean.


What you’ll need to clean your water bottle

  1. Please clean the water bottle before use.
  2. To contain such corrosive liquids as milk, please drink and clean as soon as possible to prevent the inner from decaying.
  3. To prevent odor or stain, please clean the water bottle after use and make it fully dry.
  4. Please do not use hard clean ball to dish in order not to scratch the surface. Acceptable cleaning tools: Pipe cleaners, bottle brushes, soft bristle toothbrushes, or standard sponges.
  5. Please clean with neutral detergent in warm water, Cleansing tablets or denture cleaner, mild dish soap, baking soda and hot water, or white vinegar, do not use alkaline bleach chemical towels cleaner.1000ml  infusion water bottle 32oz fruit infuser water bottle infuse h2o water bottles