2.2 dumbell water bottle

For more than 10 years.MLIFE has been seeking ways to create – and expand – training and employment opportunities for people of all ages. As a result of our hard work and commitment, MLIFE has grown into a national company.


When you purchase from MLIFE product, everybody wins!


When you purchase from MLIFE, you get a quality water bottle, unmatched service, and you help create employment opportunities for the workers.


Imagine a product you know will appeal to everyone, a product that can be used year-round to promote your business.  Custom label bottled water is that perfect product.  It is a cost-effective, refreshing way to let customers know who you are.


Our Water

Our use of state-of-the-art bottling and purification technology ensures excellent tasting and pure drinking fruit infuser water bottle.


Our Labels

MLIFE offers a variety of water bottle options. We will produce your bottle using your supplied design.

Gym 2.2L dumbell plastic water bottle

We will design a full color, custom logo for you, affix it to our high-quality water bottle and fill it it with our great bottle design

 sports Gym 2.2L dumbell plastic water bottle

Why custom label water bottled?


  1. Don’t Suffer From Limited Exposure: By putting you brand on a profitable item that EVERYONE needs, you are investing in a proven marketing tool.


  1. Higher Margins = Increased Profits: Consumers know what a case of generic water bottled retails for.  With your customized bottle, only you know your cost, allowing for a higher profit margin.


  1. Promotional Coupons: Assure repeat business with a coupon on every label.

2.2L Dumbbell sports water bottle

Because every client’s needs are different with regards to order quantity, bottle size and cap type, shipping requirements, label, etc., we do not list pricing on our website.  Once we are able to determine your needs, we can quickly provide you with a delivered price that includes all of the costs involved in the design, production and delivery of your order.