Where have people, there need water bottle , best choice from mlife!


Plastic water bottles are widely used in people’s daily lives. They are Perfect for Outdoor Activities, climbing, camping, Super market. So when we buy a new plastic bottle or when we use it in daily life, how do we care for these 800ml plastic water bottle?

Here some warm tips for you:

800ml plastic water bottle

1.Please fill warm water for 5 minutes to remove the plastic taste in new products comes the first time we used.

2.Please do not put the plastic water bottles with full water to quick frozen cabinet but can be in cabinet freezer, do not put into the microwave to heat!

3.Our plastic water bottles belong to cold water bottle series, we do not recommend that contain more than 80 degree water.

4.To ensure the health, please cleaning plastic bottle regularly. The best cleaning is to simply rinse your plastic water bottle with warm water and a mild detergent Alternatively.

The plastic water bottle can be washed on the top rack of the dishwasher. For the best performance we recommend rinsing the plastic water bottle after every use. Drink more water, live a healthier life!