Best Spots for Camping

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KREM 2 reached out to to get a feel for where people like to camp.

Diana Dupuis with The Washington State Parks and Recreation said the great thing about Washington camping is the amazing opportunities at places like Mount Spokane.

Riverside State Park offers a place people can bike, hike, camp, and rock climb.

When you’re camping at Bowl and Pitcher, you’re right next to the river, you’re right next to the Centennial Trail. The location makes it easy to ride your bike all the way to Idaho one day and ride it back and camp in the park one night.

When it comes to camping, there are some essentials you can’t leave home without.

KREM 2 reached out to the outdoor community to see what they won’t leave home without.

Topping everybody’s list was: sun protection. Many campers responded with anything from sunscreen to full sun coverage hats with SPF protection and sunglasses.

Another popular answer was large capacity water bottle. most of people prefer to purchase the large capacity sports plastic water bottle .

Here is a list from we complied of other essentials you should not enter the great outdoors without.

Experts said you could never take too much food and water. No matter how experienced you are with the outdoors, there’s still a chance you could get lost or delayed from returning home.

1)      Extra Clothing

2)      Flashlights or head lamps

3)      First-aid supplies

4)      Fire (waterproof matches, lighter and/or candles)

5)      Repair kits and tools

6)      Emergency shelter

7)      Knife

8)      Insect repellant

9)      A Personal Locator Beacon

10)   Water bottle